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Illinois governor OKs allowing medical cannabis at schools

The Republican signed the legislation Wednesday. The new law allows parents or guardians to administer a “cannabis-infused product” to a student on school property or on a school bus if both parent and child have been cleared to use the product by the state’s medical marijuana law.

 …medical marijuana is often necessary for children with debilitating conditions to be able to attend school.

-Chicago Democratic Rep. Kelly Cassidy, Sponsor


2018 Farm Bill Update: U.S. Moving into Position for Full National Hemp Legalization

Politico reports that McConnell remains confident and believes that the Farm Bill conference report will be ready after Labor Day, setting up lawmakers to vote on the bill in early September. If the Farm Bill passes committee, then it will go to President Trump’s desk for signing head of  November’s mid-term elections.


Hemp imports for the U.S. reached $67.3 million last year and states like Kansas are eager to get in on the action.

“The buzz words are CBD right now and those are very real benefits, but what this [growing hemp] will do for the planet is unbelievable.”

-Brad Claus, Industrial Hemp Investor


  • Traffic to the website rose over 1200% year over year as Google searches for bulk and wholesale CBD oil products derived from registered industrial hemp surged.
  • is the Marketing arm of the largest producer, manufacturer, and distributor of hemp derived phytocannabinoids in the USA.


Hemp, Inc. Industrial Hemp Processing Facility Hits One Year Milestone as Company Expands Cultivation and Processing Infrastructure Across U.S.

Hemp, Inc. (OTC PINK: HEMP), a global leader in the industrial hemp industry with the largest multipurpose industrial hemp processing facility in the western hemisphere, announced today that Hemp, Inc.’s 85,000 square foot, on now 59 acres, industrial hemp processing and manufacturing facility has hit its one year anniversary of being operational as the company continues to expand…


Sun Times’ Pot Topics talks Rauner, Ashley’s Law, and Hemp

  • Democratic state senator urges Governor Rauner to sign “Ashley’s Law,” one of three cannabis-related bills that have recently been sent to his desk;
  • In addition to “Ashley’s Law,” Rauner is also considering bills that would legalize industrialized hemp and offer medical pot as an opioid replacement. Those bills also received strong bipartisan support in Springfield.


Hemp gets noticed by pharmaceutical industry

-Ned Milenkovich, former vice chairman of the Illinois State Board of Pharmacy


Hemp Business Journal estimates record sales and peak growth in 2019

“As the U.S. hemp market continues to grow at a double digit pace annually, American consumers continue to demonstrate their strong interest in hemp products,”

-Eric Steenstra, President of Vote Hemp


Cannabis-conscious wellness centers like this one are poised to succeed

“We have grown from a small wellness facility to a clinic with medical doctor distribution channels across the USA. We never expected to grow so much on the retail side that we would eventually jump into national distribution.”

-Kalee Hooghkirk, Owner of Entourage Clinical Services


Bureau County woman champions industrial hemp in her home state

“If more farmers took a chance on hemp, it could help alleviate environmental issues, while providing farmers all kinds of economic benefits.”

-Rachel Berry, Hemp Advocate


Bill to legalize industrial hemp cultivation clears Illinois House

Hemp — a non-psychoactive form of the cannabis plant distinct from marijuana — is often used in food and clothing. In 1937, hemp was banned nationwide for its relation to the marijuana plant.

Former President Barack Obama started allowing states to legalize industrial hemp in 2015, removing opposition from Illinois Republicans who had blocked previous attempts to legalize the plant in the state.


Illinois Governor gets bill legalizing industrial hemp

May 23, 2018  U.S. News | AP

The Illinois House has sent the governor a measure legalizing industrial hemp.

The House voted 106-3 Wednesday to allow hemp cultivation for commercial use.

Hemp is a form of the cannabis plant distinct from marijuana. It does not produce any high-like effects and is often used in clothing or food.


Industrial Hemp for Illinois: Agitate! Educate! Organize!

April 16, 2018 

I believe 2018 could be the pivotal year for hemp in Illinois. There will be a gubernatorial election, people are more politically charged than ever, and Illinois needs new ideas, new solutions, and new revenue. With all of this in mind, hopefully those of you living in Illinois will join me in taking the next step to help push industrial hemp legalization forward. Be on the lookout for any educational opportunities that come your way and share what you already know with others because everyone needs to know that they can benefit from hemp.

Farmers evaluate Illinois hemp bill

Gene Kennedy, Anchor WGEM

Hemp could be a new crop option for Illinois farmers if a bill expanding its production passes the General Assembly.

Rick Edwards, president of the Adams County Farm Bureau, says that most local farmers have the soil to grow industrial hemp, but want to MAKE SURE there is a long-term profitable market for it. He says similar crops have come into the area over the years and were quickly over-produced.


Bill seeks to remove industrial hemp from Illinois’ “Noxious Weed” list

Hemp was first grown in Champaign, Ill. around 1875 primarily for fiber. At certain points, thousands of growers were registered. There was also a significant amount of related innovation going on in the state, with 14 patents registered for hemp harvesting and processing equipment.

At least 34 U.S. states have passed legislation allowing industrial hemp cultivation, the number having grown dramatically in the last couple of years.


Bill looks to legalize industrial hemp in Illinois

Hemp could be in play as a new crop option for farmers in Illinois if a bill expanding its production passes the General Assembly.

Bill Bodine, associate director of state legislation for the Illinois Farm Bureau, said Senate Bill 2298 would allow farmers to begin growing industrial hemp.

Hemp harvest? These central Illinois farmers see an opportunity in cannabis fiber

 Derek Beigh Herald & Review News Service

The Illinois Farm Bureau backs a bill in the state Senate that would let local farmers grow the plant, a less-potent form of marijuana, on a regulated basis — but a similar proposal passed the Senate in 2017 only to die in the House.

“The bill didn’t succeed last year because there is some concern from the medical marijuana community that some of the products made from industrial hemp might also be made from medical marijuana,” said Bill Bodine, associate director of state legislation for the Bloomington-based IFB. “Because of that gray area, it was tough to get it all defined.”

Supporters continue to press the issue, however, because officials think it can provide a much-needed boost for agriculture, including in Central Illinois.


Hemp offers benefits for the future

January 17, 2018 Rachel Berry WNIJ Perspectives

The market for hemp products is vast and growing rapidly. It includes durable textiles; strong, ecofriendly building materials; natural cosmetics; petroleum free bio-plastics and biofuels; beneficial, non-psychoactive medicines; and nutrient dense foods.

Illinois Farm Bureau in favor of
industrial hemp production

January 11, 2018 |Angela Underwood |Prairie State Wire

“Interest in the production of industrial hemp is not new,”

Bodine told the Prairie State Wire, adding the 2014 farm bill has a provision allowing state departments of agriculture or institutions of higher education to grow or cultivate industrial hemp for research purposes under an agricultural pilot program or for other agricultural or academic research.

“The Illinois law passed in 2015 authorizes the Illinois Department of Agriculture to provide a permit program allowing Illinois universities offering a four-year degree in agriculture science to grow industrial hemp for research purposes; however, other states have authorized their departments of agriculture to allow farmers to grow industrial hemp as a part of their pilot program,”


Illinois farmers plan another push
for industrial hemp

January 3, 2018 | NPR Illinois

“For farmers it’s an opportunity to possibly diversify into a new crop,”

Bodine said.

“It’s something different than maybe the traditional crops you see grown in Illinois. It would be an opportunity for them to diversify and possibly make some new income off a new crop.”


Agriculture Commissioner Quarles challenges federal agency opinion on industrial hemp

December 22, 2017

 Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles sent a letter to the DEA
challenging their position on consumable hemp-derived products.

“When I became Commissioner of Agriculture, I made a commitment to do everything I could to put Kentucky’s industrial hemp crop on the path to commercialization,” Quarles said. “In order for that to happen, Congress needs to pass a law to remove industrial hemp from the list of controlled substances.”