IIHA Update #2

Greetings all who are curious about the latest word on the status of Hemp in Illinois. In this second update we see more stories related to hemp growing up all around us. We have an Hemp/IL Governor Rauner story first from The AP, featuring Rep. Kelly Cassidy.

Second, the Hemp Business Journal talks about the status of federal legislation. There are some downright discriminatory amendments in the industrial hemp language and elsewhere added as concessions to lawmakers who were critical of hemp in the federal farm bill. The people need Illinois to pass its own hemp legislation before the federal bill becomes law of the land by default.

Third, A story from Kansas City NBC affiliate station. In this 4 minute video you get a clear picture of Kansas’ perspective on hemp. IIHA Agrees with Kansas and supports the same message here in Illinois!

Fourth, from PRNewswire we have a story about record demand for bulk and wholesale industrial hemp. Website traffic has been rising year over year as google searches for hemp products have surged.

Finally, a Globe Newswire out of North Carolina has a story about a large hemp processing facility celebrating success after a year of operation and continued growth. Plants like these still need to be built here in Illinois to accommodate processing industrial hemp crops. Rewarding careers in industrial hemp are on the horizon for Illinois.


Illinois governor OKs allowing medical cannabis at schools


The Republican signed the legislation Wednesday. The new law allows parents or guardians to administer a “cannabis-infused product” to a student on school property or on a school bus if both parent and child have been cleared to use the product by the state’s medical marijuana law.

 …medical marijuana is often necessary for children with debilitating conditions to be able to attend school.

-Chicago Democratic Rep. Kelly Cassidy, Sponsor


2018 Farm Bill Update: U.S. Moving into Position for Full National Hemp Legalization


Politico reports that McConnell remains confident and believes that the Farm Bill conference report will be ready after Labor Day, setting up lawmakers to vote on the bill in early September. If the Farm Bill passes committee, then it will go to President Trump’s desk for signing head of  November’s mid-term elections.


Hemp imports for the U.S. reached $67.3 million last year and states like Kansas are eager to get in on the action.


“The buzz words are CBD right now and those are very real benefits, but what this [growing hemp] will do for the planet is unbelievable.”

-Brad Claus, Industrial Hemp Investor



  • Traffic to the website rose over 1200% year over year as Google searches for bulk and wholesale CBD oil products derived from registered industrial hemp surged.
  • GlobalCannabinoids.io is the Marketing arm of the largest producer, manufacturer, and distributor of hemp derived phytocannabinoids in the USA.


Hemp, Inc. Industrial Hemp Processing Facility Hits One Year Milestone as Company Expands Cultivation and Processing Infrastructure Across U.S.


Hemp, Inc. (OTC PINK: HEMP), a global leader in the industrial hemp industry with the largest multipurpose industrial hemp processing facility in the western hemisphere, announced today that Hemp, Inc.’s 85,000 square foot, on now 59 acres, industrial hemp processing and manufacturing facility has hit its one year anniversary of being operational as the company continues to expand…



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